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Tools, Fire & Shelter - Playing Out Scandinavian Style

A hands on, inclusive approach to developing life skills for all children.

Educational Forest Activities in Primary Schools

A hands on, inclusive approach to developing life skills for all children.
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Our Mission at Forest school is to teach children to look after…

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What is Forest School?

Forest School is an approach to learning that takes children outdoors to explore the natural environment, whatever the weather.

Forest School champions children’s ability to think for themselves, connect well with others, in short it prepares them well for life.

The Benefits of Forest School?

Put simply, Forest School makes children happy. It gives them the freedom to play and follow their own interests.

Children gain valuable problem solving skills, which helps them to become resilient learners.

The main benefit for teachers is that regular Forest School gets children ‘ready to learn’ academically. The hands-on learning approach allows children to develop skills that may be difficult to teach in the classroom.

Forest school offers something for everyone. It’s inclusive by nature.

Girl cutting wood at forest school
A child controlling a small fire safely at forest school

Who runs Forest School?

We come as a team of two to ensure the safety of the children whilst teaching fire and tools. This means you wouldn’t need to send a member of staff.

We would only need someone extra for children with additional needs. This will save school money and time.

What We Cover

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Tools are part of our everyday life and they safely give children the opportunity to make something beautiful from raw materials…
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Children experience the thrill of creating fire with a flint and steel whilst learning how to stay safe. They will learn how to deliver first aid in an emergency situation…
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Children will learn about shelter and work together. This will teach them the importance of communication and working together as a team.
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Free Play

When children play, they explore things that they are interested in and it’s a whole bunch of things all at once.
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What Teachers Say...

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The Power Of Play For All

Forest School doesn’t have to just be for children. We now deliver adult tool and fire workshops in North Yorkshire. We also do Forest School for events.
Adults in a woodland area doing forest school activities

Forest School at Work

If you are like me you will believe that everyone likes to play whatever age you are. Playing is fun right? Even if as an adult you are out of practise.
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Event stalls in a sunny field setting

Forest School at Events

We attend several events throughout the year where we bring our popular Forest School activities along with us for all to enjoy.
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Forest School at Workshops

School? I can organise workshops on your site. This could be campfire cooking, mallet making using traditional tools, whittling, fire lighting to name a few. All logistics taken care of.
Sally at a forest school workshop

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With 15 children per session
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